Adit’s Responsibility

Saturday sunny  day, Adit and his team is busy in Student Center. He is taking the second clothes into boxes. Some books, uniforms, and other utensils are in arranged. All those stuffs will be given to the poor people in Sukabumi. Some of them count the ready boxes then get those into the car.
 “Guys, here we go! Giving smile in Sukabumi.” Like usual, Adit is a leader of the team especially on social event.
At 1 pm, all was ready. Three cars was leaving Jakarta to Sukabumi.
“Adit, did you say your mom was asking you to go home today?” Dino asked.
“So, why don’t you go home?”
“Yes, Dino. I know. But, you do know I have to being here with you all. This is my responsibilty.”
“As you like usual, Dude. Do as you!”
Adit woke up early, had a breakfast and got his campus in time. Before entered the class, he had come to Student Center making an announcement about an event. He invited all students visiting a nursing home next week. This social activities was designed by Adit him self.
He likes do things like this. For him, giving smile to those people around is a duty as human. Adit him self has a social community helping poor people by searching some donors. Every Sunday, the community and he teaches street children under the bridge and eventually  giving them some funds for health needs.
Adit got a scholarship in Accounting major after he had graduated his senior high school. He is a diligent student with a hard discipline. All his priority is arranged properly.
Being responsible, being in organization, Adit is an expert on those. Even, he is a cumlaude student in  every semester on his major. All students and lecturers know him. “He is a perfect guy.” That is an ordinary statement we can hear from his friends.
After the classes, Adit had a meeting with some friends discussing the visiting to nursing home next week. All concept was ready and funds was available.
“Thank you so much, Dit. This is an honour for us joining this event.” Rika said with her big smile.
“Don’t say that. I love to do this. By the way, this is not our campus program. I just wanna ask you to join if you avalaible at that time next week.” Adit explained.
“We are proud of you, Buddy.”

“Tok tok!” Dino knocked the door.
Dino entered the room, saw his bestfriend was busy on his laptop doing things about financing for an event. He guessed that was for the event next week.
“Adit, your phone is ringing. Your mom is on the phone, Dude.” Dino told Adit while taking some water.
“Yes, later..” Adit even didn’t see his phone.
“Adit, you don’t have any worry of your mom? Two days  ago your mom asked you to go home. May be something happened with her.” Dino tried to advise him.
“Have it for me, please. Say that I am busy.” His eyes are still in front of his laptop.
“What? How dare you are! I know, you are a talented guy with your skill, smart, handsome, all of those. But, you have to know those become nothing if you don’t care of your mom. I don’t want to say that you are a rebellious child , Dude.” Dino looked angry.
“A rebel? Gezz. Don’t be too much on that. It’s all about responsibility. I know what I must do as a child. I worry, my mom may be has been sick because of tired. My nurse takes care of her. Don’t worry. Here I have a lot of people need me. Responsibiliy is a promise for me. My promise to lead them.”
“I got that. They need you. So does your mom. The team is not only you. But, you are the only for your Mom!”
Dino left his room arrogantly. He closed the door with a crash. He was very disappointed with that bestfriend. Dino understood enough about Adit’s activity in campus with all his responsibilty. But, he didn’t have any idea about his attitude to not worrying his mom. Rarely almost never, Adit goes home full on his holiday. Even, he never goes home on weekend.
Being in organization teach us to be a responsible person. Responsibility is not only by taking care of any duties, it needs accountability and trusworthiness. Dino knows that deeply and do know that his friend is expert on it. But, that’s really out of his mind when Adit don’t do the right action answering his mom to go home.
This afternoon was the last meeting to finish all preparation having a big day for visit the nursing home tomorrow. Health counseling preparation, game stuff, and others were done.
“Adit, you received a message on your phone. That’s from your Mom.“ Dino reached the phone in front of him and gave it to Adit.
Adit, mom is in the hospital. Go home, as fast as possible.
“What should I do?” Adit was very surprised. His face was going to tremble.
“What do you mean? Don’t know what to do? You have to go home as fast as possible. Let’s go. I will send you to the station and get the early ticket.” Dino stand up spontaneously and take his motorcycle key.
“Tomorrow is a big day for me. Visiting a nursing home designed by my own. I have to be there tomorrow. What will they say if I am not in?”
“Which one is the most important for you, now?” Dino said loudly. Adit still on his place in confused.
“I have to come with you all tomorrow. In the afternoon after the closing, i will go to station to go to my mom. What do you think about that?”Adit tried to convince his friend.
“Are you out of your mind? I am sure the sickness is very serious. Be there, Buddy. We can do that visiting without you. I can take your place to lead them. Dont worry.”
“Adit, when will you back home? I miss you so much, my dear..”
“I’m sorry Mom. I’m so busy here. I can’t leave these people by just going home. That’s not professional, Mom. “
“What are you doing there, Dear?”
“I am a director of Social Event, Mom. I lead a lot of people here, Mom. Please understand me.”
“I do wanna see u, Dear..”
“Mom, what can I do? This is my responsibility. Hang up the phone now, ok?”
Adit remembered the dialogue with his mom three weeks ago.  Now, he was crying in front of his mom. His mom was dead when he was on the bus getting home after visiting nursing home with his friends.
“She has been  waiting for you since three weeks ago.”
“Thank you for your coming. I do miss my son. He and his wife have lived in Singapore and don’t have enough time to see me for their job. You are a good boy. Your mom must be proud of you.” One of those grandmother in nursing home hugged Adit with tears after he finished  closing that social activity.
Gizsya Resha

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